At TBar & Fusion Cafe, we pride ourselves on being unique in the food service industry. Unlike larger establishments, we put our team members first and make it a priority to promote our business leaders from within.

In fact, many of our team members first applied to serve tea or run the register. Little did they know they would soon be leading a team. We don't just provide jobs: we create opportunities to build fulfilling, fun and financially rewarding careers.

It's pretty simple here: If you work hard and take care of our guests, you'll get noticed. Before you know it, you’re a leader in a growing company.

If you're a bit of a rule breaker like us (in a good way that is!), all the better. TBar & Fusion Cafe defines a paradigm shift in tea. What we do starts with the people we hire and their commitment to unparalleled guest service. We want our team members to have fun, which is easy to do when you are proud of where you work.

Our team members thrive in our fast-paced, hands-on environment. Our high standards and commitment to quality ensure that our tea and fusion fare is amazing. This is why our guests keep coming back for more. If you have lots of energy and enjoy working as part of a team, you're in the right place. Put your career on the fast track with us.

We strive to give our guests the best possible experience. If you can help us accomplish this, please submit an application by email or fax.

Great service comes from the heart!

Application Instructions

  1. Print out or save the application to your computer by clicking the "Apply Now" link below.
  2. If you print out your application to fill it out, you will need to scan a copy to e-mail to us. Please make sure you save the file you scan as YOUR NAME.PDF before you send it to us.
  3. If you are filling out the application on your computer, make sure you SAVE the COMPLETED application as a new file with YOUR NAME.PDF as the file name. 
  4. Email your saved or scanned application (with YOUR NAME.PDF as the file name) to
  5. Because we work hard during business hours to provide the ultimate experience for our customers, applications are not able to be accepted in-store. Thank you for understanding!

Apply Now!