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Create your own fusion of flavors

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Pick your protein, pick your grain, pick your dressing. We'll add your choice of fresh avocado, cucumber, julienne carrots and daikon sprouts. Then we'll top it all off with sesame seeds.

choose all your favorite ingredients and enjoy!

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  • Choose a Topping

    • Cracked Pepper London Broil
    • Sweet Chili Chicken
    • Hoisin BBQ Salmon
    • Grilled Ginger Tofu
    • Mango Seared Pork
    • Fireroast Veggies
  • Select a Grain or Salad

    • Seasoned White
    • Organic Brown
    • Israeli Couscous
    • Quinoa Rice Blend
    • Baby Greens
    • Crisp Romaine
    • 1/2 & 1/2 Combo
  • Pick a Dressing

    • Wasabi Ginger
    • Low Fat / Low Calorie Miso
    • Creamy Teriyaki
    • Honey Mustard
    • Chipotle Ranch